Saturday, September 27, 2014


 Hello, KIS students, teachers, parents and all the other people who read and enjoy our blog! Yesterday I came up with an idea to find out what our students enjoy the most during lunch. That's why I decided to create this survey and ask them one question: "WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO DURING LUNCH?"

Maria, Secondary3: 
"My favorite thing about lunch is to chat." 

Andrew, Middle School:
"Play soccer!"
Frane, Secondary 3:
"Eat food and socialize with my friends!" 

Molly, Secondary 3, Audrey Secondary 4:
"We like to spend time with each other. However sometimes Audrey
gets annoying."
"And I get sick of Molly."

Nick, Secondary 4:
"Think about life..."

Tyga, Secondary 2:
"Talk with my friends."

Ivanna, Secondary 4.
Ivanna didn't reply because she was listening to music and
study for AP Psychology class."

Sami, Secondary 3:
"Play basketball!"