Friday, September 19, 2014

Media I Students select pictures of Saturday Soccer

In this series of posts, the Media I students are using their emerging photography skills to select a "best of" set of five pictures from a much larger set that was taken at the first Saturday Soccer session. Each student got a folder with just over one hundred photos in it, and had to pick from there. Some just selected their photos, and others cropped or color corrected their selections. I posted my favorite five and commented on how I picked them too.

Each student is to post their photos, and offer a short rationale for each selected photo.

I selected this photo because it's got a lot of nice movement in it and some nice color. 

This is a wider shot, but it also has a nice sense of movement. I like the way the athlete's leg is back and the power of her kick is super clear.

I felt like this picture told a clear story -- the girl in the center of the photo's attitude is clear in her body language, posture and expression.

I liked the relationship in this picture, how the younger athlete is listening to and looking up to the older one.

The action in this picture is a bit 'squishy', but the expression on the face of the girl in the yellow pinny is awesome. Such determination!!