Saturday, September 27, 2014

STUCO 2014

Welcome to KIS 2014 - 2015

Another new exciting year with a bunch of new faces, and a few old problems. Many ways to describe this new year and unfortunately so little space to do it here on this post. There are many things to discuss for this new year, and here it will be the Student Council for this year. I've gone through two interviews with STUCO President from last year Giorgi "Gio" Nikolaishvili and last year's STUCO Treasurer Chiara Poliak.

Many answers they gave me are bound to become guidelines for the STUCO President candidate Frane Vidosevic.

In the opinions of most people, especially STUCO members from last year, the overall work the Council putted back then was very much worth it. We owe the Student Council many events from last year, from Soccer games to School trips. The hard work they putted is the exact kind of work that new members this year need to give to match if not gain more success that STUCO 2013 gained. As one of the hardest working students in the the Secondary's, Frane seems to have more than a few qualities that are needed for a Student Council President. And Chiara and Geo confirm that the amount of work STUCO puts in their time, doesn't match the amount of work students need to put in their classes.

Frane is apparently in the business for the same reason as Geo and Chiara according to the interviews: Experience true leadership. Soon Frane will show the whole school if he really is not only qualified for being STUCO President, but capable of being a STUCO MEMBER as well. Because according to interviews, Student Council is about more than hard work; it takes responsibility, dedication, a little bit of courage. Most importantly, STUCO-ers need to be organized. Geo and Chiara both agree that a small amount of people might be better this year, because "The more members STUCO has, the harder it is to keep everything organized". Too many grade representatives was the biggest problem last year, and Frane should probably agree with Geo and Chiara's opinion that 8 members is the best number; The President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and one representative for each grade. One other issue that also needs to be considered is that the STUCO office isn't big enough, especially when the office is also where some students like to hang out during lunch.

One last thing that I hope some candidates for STUCO this year will read in this post, is that appreciation for hard work you might put there can be hard to notice. Mostly because the hard work that goes in STUCO is hard to notice. But those who do are grateful. And this year will be nothing near ungrateful if the candidates today will work accordingly to how last year things went.