Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Small Defeat

From left to right (Amber, Ivanna, Albina, Tahmina, Maria, Sasha, Miranda, Maya, Polina and Molly. Some of the athletes are missing in this picture) 

  The high school girls played a soccer game against UKR 1 where they were defeated 4-1 on Friday     September 26, 2014.

   The girls were all ready and eager to play, not knowing what was going to occur. The teams hadn’t played each other before so everyone was just going to play their best. The tension was high at the start of the whistle. The game was on, the players were engaged and the coaches were on their toes. The audience started with just a few fans. After the game progressed, the stands were filled with people clapping and cheering for the Kozaks. Why did such an audience develop, you may ask? Was it a good game? Did the Kozaks need the support? Or was it just because no one had anything better to do? Being a player on the team, I would say it was all of the above. We were fighters and I think that’s pretty much all I can say. We did lose but it is okay because it motivated us to improve not only in our skills but how we presented ourselves on the field. We got beat but we kept our heads up and kept wondering when our next game with them was. We found out that no matter what the team is like, doing your personal best will always feel better even if you lose. It just means you will try harder next time.