Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Preparations for International Night

International Night is coming! All preparations done for it will soon pay off next Saturday. Mrs. Schoppka who was supervising the preparations, agreed for this interview about the Preparations. She gave me honest true answers to my questions.
She stated that while preparations sound like hard work, they aren't that hard when so many School Staffs are on it. And that the amount of people working make it a much lighter work. By the time I interviewed Mrs. Schoppka, she said that the preparations are now 95% ready.
Apparently the hardest part about the International Night Preparations is contacting all the families of all students who agree to come to the event, as well as organizing the nationality of each of them. And in the end it is all worth as in Mrs. Schoppka's opinion, the International Night is a very important event in the year of our School. She calls it an example of International Unity and Friendship for the whole world.
Actually everyone pretty much "chips in" for the preparations, as it is all financed by everyone who plans to show up on the International Night.
The biggest point is probably that the School Stuff did a very good job for the preparations in this year. Proof of that is the fact that preparations are usually put a month before the International Night. This Year however, they made all the necessary preparations in a matter of two weeks, due to a sudden change in date for the International Night.