Saturday, October 11, 2014

"Little Women" Play Preparations

Some would find it incredible to hear how surprisingly well the preparations for this little play are going. Mrs. Jones who is in charge of the preparations says "We are halfway done" in their rehearsals, and that so far, nothing "out of the ordinary" has happened yet that would in any way slow everything down for the "Little Women" play.

It is now known that costumes are being handled, sets are being built, and the props are being listed and delivered to the school. What's even more relieving is that one of the main casts Stacy Zeegers has already memorized the majority of the second half of the play (Act II) and that the "Swing Actors" who supervise the ones who couldn't make it, have also memorized the majority of the script.

According to Mrs. Jones, it is absolutely normal to be nervous before the play even if its weeks away. What's more surprising is that the Staff members are more nervous than the actors, though Mrs. Jones doesn't see this as a disadvantage for anyone in the play.