Thursday, October 2, 2014


Today I talked to Alex Komishnyi, a captain of High School Boys Varsity Team. Already for a long time Alex's main hobby and inspiration is soccer. All his free time he spends either practicing soccer or watching soccer. Alex played in Arsenal and dreamed of being a captain of the team, he also dreamed of having number 7 on his back, just like his main inspiration- Ronaldo. Even though last year Alex got a serious injury he didn't give up on soccer, it just pushed him to work harder and harder. This year he became a captain and got number 7. He proved that if you work hard, dreams come true. 

- What is it like to be a captain? 
- Being a captain is challenging. It is a difficult job because you have to take care of your teammates and their wishes. You have to be a leader and you can't show your weakness because your team counts on you. It is important to support your teammates and show them you are able to do it.

- What's your job as a captain?
- My main job is to help guys on a field. I have to lead and support them. After the games I talk to them and later on tell their wishes to the coach, because some of the guys want me to do it. I believe that it is very important to tell the coach the wishes of my teammates, because every member of the team is important. The most challenging thing for me is to control my emotions during  games, though I work on it. 

- What does it take to be a captain?
- It takes a lot. First of all I have to be an experienced one. I try to practice a lot so I can be successful on a field. Also, you never know what can happen during the game and how to react in certain situations. I believe that my attitude is an important part of the game. 

- Did you want to be a captain last year? 
- Well, it is hard to say. I guess I always wanted to be a captain, though I knew that I wasn't ready for it yet. That's why I practiced harder and harder and learned how to act  during games, and this year it finally happened. 

- Do you consider it as your achievement?
- Of course, I do. I mean first of all coach's trust mean a lot to me. Mr.Prima was a coach for 15 years and he saw a lot of great captains. That's why he has high expectations from me which I try to meet.

- Did team vote for you or it was coach's decision? 
Kind of both. Coach chose candidates and then most of the team chose me as a captain.

- What's you expectations from the team on CEESA?
- I know that our team has a huge potential, though it depends on how we going to work. I play soccer for a long time and I know that one moment can change the whole game. That's why I think that it is important to stay focus and practice a lot. Overall, we have pretty high chances.