Sunday, October 12, 2014

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees: Guest Speaker, Mr. Oldrich Andrysek

By Sayuri Iwasaki

In October 8th during 5 period, a special guest speaker, Mr. Oldrich Andrysek who works for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHRC) came to KIS for the 11 year old assembly in the dramatorium. 

This is a guest speaker, Mr. Oldrich Andrysek. 

He asked students what people have to do for helping refugees around the world. Many students raised their hands to answer, and Mr. Oldrich Andrysek was listening the students' voices intently.  

He was listening to the answers of all the students who raised 
their hands to answer his questions.  

This is Mr. Oldrich Andrysek's assistant, Ms. Ivan. 
She talked about the hard situation of refugees in Ukraine.

Many students came to the dramatorium to see Mr. Oldrich Andrysek.

Mr. Oldrich Andrysek showed us his smile when 
a student said an interesting answer.