Sunday, November 9, 2014

11 Year Old Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam on November 5th

By Sayuri Iwasaki

On November 5th in the first period, Mr. Clements' and Ms. LePouttre's classes held a Poetry Slam. The eleven year old students recited their poems in the Dramatorium to an audience of their peers. 

"These three students introduced the poetry slam"

Many students remembered their own poems with understanding 
and entering into another's feelings very well.

The students did great on using gestures and eye contacting with the audience.

I could see that the students hard practice on presenting their poetry for the day.

The prize winners were Lukash Kulchyckyj in the third place, Georgia Feekins 
in the second place, and Alex Gubar in the first place. Great job!!

Many parents came to the poetry slam to see their children's great presentations.

All the students did great job on presenting their fantastic poems!!