Monday, November 10, 2014

From a Group to a Team

The High School Girls Great Big Win 

Before the running and the busting our hearts into the game of soccer, the high school girls CEESA team headed to the airport not knowing what the outcome of the tournament would be like, but willing to give it our all.

When is there a better time to take a selfie than finding out you have made the semi-finals. "Act like you have won before." Mr. Curry trying to calm the excitement of singing and dancing.

The last game was won against Prague 1-0. Even though we were wet and exhausted, there was no feeling like winning when you fought so hard. Our team was more like a family, we yelled at each other but we would protect our players from anyone. I guess you could say we were like a family, we worked well together. Coming from probably the smallest school in the CEESA tournament, it was also a big victor for KIS with the first win in the red division. I know we came a long way and it was definitely worth it.