Friday, November 7, 2014

Interview Regarding This Year's Talent Show

Preparations for this year's talent show are in full swing, so to find out more information about the upcoming event, I conducted an interview with Dr Jones:

Question 1. For how many years have you been in charge of the talent show and do you still enjoy being a part of the process?
Answer: Well, it’s my 5th year here at the school so I guess I’ve been doing 5 years’ worth of talent shows. I share the responsibility with the two elementary teachers, Ms. Sveta and Ms. Larissa, they do a lot of work as well. It’s always enjoyable, it’s always exciting to see what kids come up with. I work more with the MS and HS show, it’s exciting to see what students do. And these hidden talents that I had no idea about. 
Question 2. Is there going to be anything different about this year’s show?
Answer: Well right now we’re actually kinda disappointed. There are only three high school acts which have signed up. So at this point, I don’t know if there will exactly be a show. So we’ll have to combine the elementary, MS and HS shows unless we get some last minute entries this year. It’s always kind of the same thing, the same sorts of acts. I’m excited because some of the Korean students have put an interesting quartet of violin, guitar, piano and clarinet. And one of the students has arranged a piece of music for that. So I’m excited to hear what they have to do.
Question 3. Have you been doing anything to advertise the show besides putting it in the announcements?
Answer: It’s been in the Kozaks corner and we’ve been making sure we talk about it with little kids we see coming through music classes. We especially try to push it with MS, we see all of them right now and they tend to be the group which has the least representation in talent shows. The elementary kids, they come out, they love doing this. I’m really surprised we don’t have many entries in the elementary school. We usually have 40 entries from there. The elementary class teachers, we talk to them about it and they’re gonna promote it to their kids. The kids I see who do it from time to time, I talk to them personally. We don’t hang posters or anything like that. I think a lot of people are just too busy.
Question 4. What is the purpose of having a talent show?

Answer: Well it’s a really great showcase, I think. In terms of the classes that HS students have to take, you don’t do a lot of music. It’s tough to fit electives into the schedule and so not many students get an opportunity to do those sorts of things. And in the 4 years of HS, you might take one or two music courses. But there are a lot of kids here that are very musical. And I say musical but the talent shows involve more than just music. We get kids who do dancing, we’ve seen a couple kids who do stand up and we’ve seen some martial arts routines, you know, quite a variety of acts. But mostly musical, I think it’s a really great opportunity for students who can’t take a music class or sing in the choir or be in the band or something like that to have an outlet for what they do. I find that people enjoy showcasing their talents. They like to have the validation where people clap for them and say “You know, that was really amazing”. All that time you’ve been spending taking lessons, your parents have been forcing you to take your piano lessons or violin lessons or something, makes it worth it when you see the looks on your classmates and teachers faces and they say “Wow that was really amazing, I did not know you could do that” I think it’s really valuable we do these things by giving students opportunities to perform for us.