Monday, November 10, 2014

Soccer Indoor Development Academy

What is this Soccer Development Academy? Oh, it's nothing, just a little idea our school had for the Elementaries for this year, regarding their Soccer skills.

Like many other new activites we have at KIS, volunteers are already signing up for the big picture of Soccer practices, and are very eager to improve their abilities of the game, from running as fast as possible to headbutting the ball as hard as possible. Mr. Prima who supervised the preperations for the first games and the sign-ups, confirms an approximate number of 25 students of various ages signing up for the games, and that they will all most likely see this as both time to learn Soccer like pros, and enjoying it like ones.

This also seems like a huge opportunity for another international event that is ought to bring the students of many nationalities together. Not only is this program ralying young elementary students for players, but also HS and IB students as helpers to coaches or coaches themselves. "Some of them have no clue about Soccer, but they're coming and they're looking at other Secondary Soccer players who learn step-by-step" says Mr. Prima.

All supervisers of the Soccer Indoor Development are promising that as soon as the weather gets better, games will be prepared outdoors. In this case let's hope that it will happen soon as the first game will officially begin this Saturday.