Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Last five minutes of the semi finals game. Lady Kozaks were beating Penguins (Moscow) by one goal. Coaches told girls to go on defense and stay focus. The golie was worried, the defense was strong and midfielders moved to defense too. Offense was waiting on the other side for the pass so they can score another goal. Lady Kozaks didn't give Penguins a chance to score a goal and moved to the other side and…Final whistle!!! WE ARE IN THE FINALS! GIrls ran to their coaches and hugged them, all together they did their traditional winner dance. Though the biggest game was ahead.
Six hours later girls were on the field again. Now we were thinking about all our moments as a team- our first practice, our first game with KCA and our victory, our game with PSI, and how suddenly we lost one, how one week later we beat them again, how we played with Ukrainian team and its negative behavior, but still didn't give up, how we won the Kyiv League. We became a team, a team who already beat several teams on CEESA. Nobody on this tournament thought that we would be even close to the semi finals, and now we are here, in the final game. We knew that our team wanted this victory more than anybody else and our coaches repeated this a lot of times. So we warmed up and were ready to play… This time we were facing girls from Prague. It was already dark and raining. The pressure was on from the first minute. The weather made it harder to make clear passes and run without slippering, but it didn't stop girls. All they were thinking about was victory. "Let's do it for Ukraine!" screamed one of the girls. And then girls scored their first goal! 1-0, Kyiv was leading the game. It seemed like we forgot about everything, about school work, about fights with some friends, about war in our country, all we thought out was about this game. For the first time in school history, girls were in the soccer final. Final whistle…And we are the champions. We made it. We made our coaches proud, we made each other proud. We became a team we didn't think we will be when we got all together on our first practice.