Friday, January 30, 2015

Night Kiev

I wanted to show the night Kiev. I've done this photos in the different places. Some of photos I did in the park of the victory, some of them in the park near parliament , near the friendship arch and next to the Mother Motherland. I really like photo from the bridge of love , it is really romantic place , I love it so much.As for me , night Kiev is more beautiful than in the afternoon


The Yearbook Team

An interview with Miranda Curry, a member of the yearbook team and the editor.

What is your job for the yearbook team? 
My job for the yearbook is the editor. I created the spring section with Greg, and the first page and I help other people figure out the program because I worked on it last year.

As a team, how do you guys organize the work for the yearbook? 
We have a layout chart on the wall to keep track of what is on each page and what has been completed. We have different section organizers that organize the different sections.

What is the hardest thing about working on the yearbook?
A lot of times it's hard to come up for something creative for the page and make it actually look good instead of just pictures and words.

What is your favorite thing about working on the yearbook?
Being able to add my creativity and my ideas into a page and to see the finished product in the end and what we accomplished.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Looking Back And Moving Forward

It is an exciting part of the year for our seniors! Some of them already got accepted, while others are still waiting for their responses.

Here are some tips from our seniors, their experience with applications and plans for the future. 

Ivanna Klymenko:

"I am very excited to finally step upon this new path of life, starting with my university choices and acceptances. I do, however, feel quite anxious while waiting for the universities to respond."

-What's you advice for juniors?
- Make a list of universities you're planning to apply to and make sure you know what their requirements are. Also, if you think senior year is going to be "chill" then you're really wrong 'cause there's a bunch of tests and exams that are waiting for you ahead so do expect that.

- What was the hardest part about applying?
- Probably answering the application questions about the biggest challenges that you've overcome and the most significant events you've experienced, because it really does take a lot of self-analyzing, which is not as easy as it seems; and you really want to get it all right.

-What's your life time goal?
-Well at the moment one of my biggest goals is receiving a doctors degree in psychology and having my life revolve around the studies of psychology. A goal related to psychology would be either writing a book or opening a talk-show. Yet, I wouldn't say that's my life time goal but that's definitely something I want to achieve, at least, that's what I have in mind at the moment.

Katya Mesheryakova:

" I am both excited and scared. Excited because I aim entering new life without parents, where I am going to the one who makes decisions. But scared because I am going to miss my friends and their support."

-What's your advice for juniors?
- Be happy. And start applying as early as possible.

- What was the hardest part about applying?
- Reaching the deadlines and waiting for the responses was very stressful.

-What's your life time goal?
-To open a dessert restaurant and become fat.

Alex Komishnyi:

"It is going to be different. I am going to be more independent and I will miss my family."

- What's your advice for juniors?
- For athletes I recommend to email the coaches from universities already now because next year it might be let and your choices will be limited. Also, starting searching for universities this year. 

- What was the headrest part about applying? 
- Probably sending all the required information. Also you have to be responsible and check the deadlines all the time because it is not like teachers will remind you. So you just have to be very responsible. 

- What's your life time goal? 
- I want to become a soccer player, or a soccer coach. I also want to support my family in the future, so basically I want to become rich. 

Congratulations to Sasha, Audrey, Greg, Jessa, Chiara, Kate, Amber and Anastasia! And good luck to those who are still waiting for the responses

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Staff that makes things Possible

At school life, we are bound to know well our teachers. It is inevitable to know your teachers and their personality when you attend their classes even for just one year.  You remember most notably the names of the teachers, the expertise, the subjects they teach, and even thier attitudes. And even the School Counselor is known by most students, even though he/she doesn't teaches much. But what about the other staff of the school?

We like to believe that our teachers have a hand in shaping our future, or making us respectable members of society, and they really doo. I'ts just that they're not the only ones. In fact, they're not doing the most important parts of this job. The "Invisible Staff" sort of speak, makes sure for all of us (not just the students) that our school runs well. They make all the calls, they manage the balance, they pay strict attention at the details.

Our teachers may be doing all the talking, but it's our Secretaries, Receptionists, Managers, Assistants and Registars that are doing the paper work. Between talking and paper-working, which one do you think its harder?

Yana Chopovska - Office Manager

Katie Tkachenko - Secretary

Marianna Kotelnykova - Secretary

Anna Siutkina - Business Manager

Anna Golodryga - Business Office Assistant

Nataliya Bogush - Registar

Alina Filipchuk - Secretary

Tamara Zorenko - Receptionist

Anna Ignatik - Busniess Office Manager

Anna Velichanskaya - Reception/Activities

The Invisible Staff works just as hard as our teachers if not more. Their hard work at the offices matters more than we would think. And for their hard work, they deserve our respect and appreciation.

KIS ft. Snow


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

Many of you may already know of the recent conflicts around the world regarding the terrorism attacks on Charlie Hebdo and their supporters. "Je Suis Charlie" is now known worldwide as millions of people walked around Paris, showing their support for those who died in the tragic terror attacks against Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo has also in the past experienced terror, as they make fun of religions like Islam and Christianity. They produce magazines with comic strips, sometimes offending but of course they are only meant for fun. They should not be taken seriously, but in the end they were indeed offending people. The Islamistic people reacted strongly when the magazine released some drawings of the prophet Muhammed. The Islamistic religion is very strict on rules and one of the most important is not to picture prophet Muhammed. If he does get some kind of appearance like drawing for example, the consistences are huge. They do really get vary angry as it is stated in the Koran that appearance of profits is not highly appreciated. Some people react as in killing, some in protest.

After all the conflicts in Paris has struck the whole world and brought many of us in tears but also some with anger. Je Suis Charlie.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Interview with STUCO President Audrey Paugh on 'Frosty the Formal'

1. When did the preparations for the ‘Frosty Formal’ start?

As a group, we began planning for Frosty the Formal at the end of November. The dance is meant to be a "winter ball," with a service initiative, which is why we are encouraging guests to bring useful donations. These donations will be given to Donbass refugees through the aid of the Help Club who have found us a place to send our donations to.

2. How many people do you think will come to event and do you think it’ll be a success?

We hope for around 80 people to attend the dance. Planning this event relies on many things, including advertising, tickets, foods/drink organizing, and decorations. All of these things will come together to make the outcome of this dance great.

3. What's the dress code of the event?

The dress code for the event is semi-formal.

4. Have you had any extra help in organizing the dance?

The help I have received for planning this event has come from student representatives and officers, as well as our advisor, Ms. Phelps, the generous chaperones, and Ms. Toma.