Monday, January 19, 2015

Interview with STUCO President Audrey Paugh on 'Frosty the Formal'

1. When did the preparations for the ‘Frosty Formal’ start?

As a group, we began planning for Frosty the Formal at the end of November. The dance is meant to be a "winter ball," with a service initiative, which is why we are encouraging guests to bring useful donations. These donations will be given to Donbass refugees through the aid of the Help Club who have found us a place to send our donations to.

2. How many people do you think will come to event and do you think it’ll be a success?

We hope for around 80 people to attend the dance. Planning this event relies on many things, including advertising, tickets, foods/drink organizing, and decorations. All of these things will come together to make the outcome of this dance great.

3. What's the dress code of the event?

The dress code for the event is semi-formal.

4. Have you had any extra help in organizing the dance?

The help I have received for planning this event has come from student representatives and officers, as well as our advisor, Ms. Phelps, the generous chaperones, and Ms. Toma.