Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Je Suis Charlie

Many of you may already know of the recent conflicts around the world regarding the terrorism attacks on Charlie Hebdo and their supporters. "Je Suis Charlie" is now known worldwide as millions of people walked around Paris, showing their support for those who died in the tragic terror attacks against Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo has also in the past experienced terror, as they make fun of religions like Islam and Christianity. They produce magazines with comic strips, sometimes offending but of course they are only meant for fun. They should not be taken seriously, but in the end they were indeed offending people. The Islamistic people reacted strongly when the magazine released some drawings of the prophet Muhammed. The Islamistic religion is very strict on rules and one of the most important is not to picture prophet Muhammed. If he does get some kind of appearance like drawing for example, the consistences are huge. They do really get vary angry as it is stated in the Koran that appearance of profits is not highly appreciated. Some people react as in killing, some in protest.

After all the conflicts in Paris has struck the whole world and brought many of us in tears but also some with anger. Je Suis Charlie.