Friday, January 23, 2015

Looking Back And Moving Forward

It is an exciting part of the year for our seniors! Some of them already got accepted, while others are still waiting for their responses.

Here are some tips from our seniors, their experience with applications and plans for the future. 

Ivanna Klymenko:

"I am very excited to finally step upon this new path of life, starting with my university choices and acceptances. I do, however, feel quite anxious while waiting for the universities to respond."

-What's you advice for juniors?
- Make a list of universities you're planning to apply to and make sure you know what their requirements are. Also, if you think senior year is going to be "chill" then you're really wrong 'cause there's a bunch of tests and exams that are waiting for you ahead so do expect that.

- What was the hardest part about applying?
- Probably answering the application questions about the biggest challenges that you've overcome and the most significant events you've experienced, because it really does take a lot of self-analyzing, which is not as easy as it seems; and you really want to get it all right.

-What's your life time goal?
-Well at the moment one of my biggest goals is receiving a doctors degree in psychology and having my life revolve around the studies of psychology. A goal related to psychology would be either writing a book or opening a talk-show. Yet, I wouldn't say that's my life time goal but that's definitely something I want to achieve, at least, that's what I have in mind at the moment.

Katya Mesheryakova:

" I am both excited and scared. Excited because I aim entering new life without parents, where I am going to the one who makes decisions. But scared because I am going to miss my friends and their support."

-What's your advice for juniors?
- Be happy. And start applying as early as possible.

- What was the hardest part about applying?
- Reaching the deadlines and waiting for the responses was very stressful.

-What's your life time goal?
-To open a dessert restaurant and become fat.

Alex Komishnyi:

"It is going to be different. I am going to be more independent and I will miss my family."

- What's your advice for juniors?
- For athletes I recommend to email the coaches from universities already now because next year it might be let and your choices will be limited. Also, starting searching for universities this year. 

- What was the headrest part about applying? 
- Probably sending all the required information. Also you have to be responsible and check the deadlines all the time because it is not like teachers will remind you. So you just have to be very responsible. 

- What's your life time goal? 
- I want to become a soccer player, or a soccer coach. I also want to support my family in the future, so basically I want to become rich. 

Congratulations to Sasha, Audrey, Greg, Jessa, Chiara, Kate, Amber and Anastasia! And good luck to those who are still waiting for the responses