Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Staff that makes things Possible

At school life, we are bound to know well our teachers. It is inevitable to know your teachers and their personality when you attend their classes even for just one year.  You remember most notably the names of the teachers, the expertise, the subjects they teach, and even thier attitudes. And even the School Counselor is known by most students, even though he/she doesn't teaches much. But what about the other staff of the school?

We like to believe that our teachers have a hand in shaping our future, or making us respectable members of society, and they really doo. I'ts just that they're not the only ones. In fact, they're not doing the most important parts of this job. The "Invisible Staff" sort of speak, makes sure for all of us (not just the students) that our school runs well. They make all the calls, they manage the balance, they pay strict attention at the details.

Our teachers may be doing all the talking, but it's our Secretaries, Receptionists, Managers, Assistants and Registars that are doing the paper work. Between talking and paper-working, which one do you think its harder?

Yana Chopovska - Office Manager

Katie Tkachenko - Secretary

Marianna Kotelnykova - Secretary

Anna Siutkina - Business Manager

Anna Golodryga - Business Office Assistant

Nataliya Bogush - Registar

Alina Filipchuk - Secretary

Tamara Zorenko - Receptionist

Anna Ignatik - Busniess Office Manager

Anna Velichanskaya - Reception/Activities

The Invisible Staff works just as hard as our teachers if not more. Their hard work at the offices matters more than we would think. And for their hard work, they deserve our respect and appreciation.