Friday, February 13, 2015

Broadcasting the B-Ball Games

This year in KIS, we've decided to live-stream the basketball games and the people who are in charge of doing that are the media team and some volunteers who appeared along the way. The games include commentary on what’s going on with the ball and some basic information regarding the lives of the players. From time to time, we do run into some technical difficulties but they’re usually solved immediately and are then sent back to the live-stream.
We’ve decided to team up with Ustream for the games because it’s easily accessible and popular enough for students to guess where the games might be. The process of recording the games starts with going into Mr. Curry’s office and setting up two pieces of software which control the camera and the live-stream. The camera is positioned near the gymtop and it has a view of the entire court including the entrance.
There’s also a mic which we usually position on top of a music stand in order to deliver commentary on what’s going on in the games and along the ways, we’ve had some problems with it but as of now, it’s fully functioning. The camera is controlled by a joystick on the desk in Mr. Curry’s office and it requires a delicate hand in order to maneuver it around the court.
Broadcasting the games can be an exhilarating experience because you know you have so much control on it, and you know that you can either make this a good broadcast or a terrible one, so even thought the pressure may be on you, it’s still a good feeling. We hope we can get some new volunteers if we broadcast the Spring season’s volleyball games.
Link to view live-streams: