Friday, February 13, 2015

Math Counts Trip

        Last week KIS math team departed to Turkey. After 2 months of thorough preparation, Anna Bogdanyuk, Jay Choi, junghyun Choi, Nastya Pevtsova, Alex Pensky, and Pavlo Lisovyi represented their school Istanbul. Although they had very solid competitors, the Junior team won the second place. The students were happy to hear about their success and some of them promised to take part in Math Counts next year as well. 
I asked students what they liked the most in the trip. Seniors liked Istanbul and their host families. Everything was organised on the highest level. Even though they did not win, they are still happy they had an opportunity to challenge their math skills. Then I asked Juniors regarding their feelings after the trip. They were all happy, especially because of their trophy. They assured that it was the first time KIS triumphed in a math competition. The only thing they disliked about the trip was that Istanbul is a huge city and that it takes too much time to get to the school.

The trip would not have taken place unless Dr. Kim and Mrs. Chemeris had invested their time and effort. They prepared well-rounded students in all areas of math. Mrs. Chemeris strongly encourages everyone to come and join the Math Counts Club the next year. Dr. Kim expects to the team to get the first place in the next season. We hope their expectations come true and we wish all the best to the next year’s Math team!