Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What is a Winner?

Students have been traveling CEESA events and participating in Kyiv Local Leagues for quite a while. Not one of the trophies was brought back with ease especially being one of the smallest schools in the league. But what is a winner? Is it just bringing home the trophy that says # 1 on it, or is there more to it? Take a second to come up with your own definition of a winner. Does it consist of bringing home a trophy or is it more personal. Have you ever been a winner in your personal life and not in competitions?

Here we have Miranda Curry from the Secondary IV's who has been playing sports for a while now and has helped bring home two trophies from CEESA's in 2015, soccer and basketball. After being called a winner, lets see what her true meaning of winner is.

What was did you  feel after winning in both Soccer and Basketball this year?
"After winning both soccer and basketball, it felt surreal. We have always been the smallest school in the competitions and finally got to come out on top, twice. It is still hard to believe that we actually won, but everyone worked so hard and was really dedicated which payed off in the end. Having these major wins in my senior year makes it that much better because I can go off to college with these memories of a great final year at KIS."

What is a winner to you?
" I think that to be a winner, the main things are to work hard and be 100% dedicated. To be a winner, someone has to believe that they are going to win, then it can actually happen."

Is there another situation where you have found yourself winner that did not have to do with sports?
"I won when I got accepted to my limited enrollment program at university."

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