Thursday, May 21, 2015

Traveling to College

When students get to the end of their Highschool years, hype is one of the many things that can be stuck in their hearts and minds. Others can be nervous and stressed out about their upcoming College lives and for understandable reasons. What exactly do you imagine about your College life? It is all up to the students to imagine because nobody can tell the future, but one of the things, that all students ought to prepare for is college interviews where the colleges discuss and decide if your ready and capable. I personally had a few college interview myself, but much bigger part of that section in life was all the traveling to those colleges. By the time I got to my third College interview which is now successful, I decided I’ve seen too much planes and hotel rooms.
It definitely paid off since I have been accepted at the Fife College in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. All students who will travel to other countries for the College/University life, must be ready for those kinds of views.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Goodbye Media 1

"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard" - Winnie the Pooh

Media has been one of my favorite courses this year. It is not one of the classes where you have to memories things that you won't remember in a month which is one reason why I enjoyed it this year. It is a hands on class where I learned not only different media techniques and broadcasting but to interact with the other students in my class. I am now comfortable with a camera in my hands and taking interviews of people I thought I would never talk to. I'm very proud of most of the work I have produced this year especially my video projects. These contributions to the blog and the school not only get you good grades but also great memories to look at when you're older. The hardest part for me was that overtime I did something and I looked over it, I wanted to change something and it is hard to get something perfect but it still turns out good. I can't think of anything that was super easy because it all takes work but it is fun work. I would recommend this class to everyone because some of the work you produce makes you so proud of yourself and it contributes a lot to the school and it makes you feel super important, so join media next year! '

Over and Out

Best of: Elementary

KISMET Media membership experience

Robert B. Litwin Media Mr. Hume 05/08/2015 KISMET Media membership experience By the time I was only planning my entire school year, I wasn’t sure if taking Media classes was even worth it. Honestly, in the end I only took the course with thoughts like “sure, why not?” or “nah, what the heck?” I guess I just simply wasn’t that enthusiastic about the course, mostly because I knew little to nothing about it. What came after the first few lessons in Mr. Hume’s class went pretty much as I have predicted. I predicted that the first steps will always be hard to get used to, but in time I did. I did complain a lot first time I was either giving announcements or updating journals, but that’s normal for every new class. It’s important to note that being part of the KISMET Media is also a team-effort, meaning that you’ll have to rely on others in the team and others will in time rely on you. There were many huge projects in which each one of us had to put in some work, and one example can be when we were all interviewing Mr. Legan about substituting Mr. Blaho as the school principle. At that project I was pretty much just handling the technological equipment; microphone, camera, cables etc. Even in individual assignments such as Photo essays, or Video Blog posts, help was sometimes needed from others. Afterall, how was I supposed to record myself doing a school news report? Every time someone helped me, I always tried to return the favor by doing the same. Media class is fun because it teaches you team effort as well as the rewarding nature of hard work. It is also rewarding because it also teaches a bit about responsibility. Whenever we were asked to post a blog report or include something new in the announcements, we were always told to be careful about what we post, and that the work on it depends solely on us. All the help were allowed to have in those assignments is instructions, the rest is up to us. So while the KISMET Media team teaches you something about responsibility, team-work, and hard work, you can enjoy this if you choose so. I thought that I chose this subject myself out of my own will, and I wasn’t forced to, so why should I hate it? And that’s the most important lesson and experience I have from this class; that subjects can be boring and not fun only if you let the to be. You can enjoy them if you just simply allow yourself to like them. In short; don’t complain because when you, that is the reason you later complain even more.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Best photos from the Treasure Island concert

A year with the KISMET Media team

Joining Media 1 was an easy decision for me because I was exposed to it the year before. Last year, I had the chance to do the announcements while a member of the Media team, Radia Miqdadi was away. Eventually, it became a routine and when Radia finally left the school, it became a full time position.
 When enrolling in the class this year, I had a lot more responsibilities to handle than just the announcements, there were plays, sports and other after school activities along with events which needed to be filmed or photographed. There were also other duties we had to get done such as editing videos, creating radio shows, broadcasting basketball games and collecting as much media as we could of the school to construct a final documentary.
Even though this may sound like a lot of work, it was worth it in the end because it gave each member a sense of accomplishment and that reward was pretty good on its own. The assignment which I am the most proud of probably has to be the video I made on the MS science fair, planning it took a great amount of time as not a lot of people were present to help me with the camera work but it all worked out in the end. The real challenge in it was the editing process, figuring out which parts were redundant, what kind of music would suit the theme and what techniques I should use to make the video as interesting as possible.
The assignments which I had the most fun with were the audio editing ones. Using audacity was a breeze for me as everything in it seemed logical and eventually I would even volunteer to help people with their radio shows. Since we can’t directly upload audio to the blog, we would put them into blank YouTube videos and link them but I came up with a solution to upload them to Soundcloud and then link them, overall the aesthetics on the blog were improved by using Soundcloud instead.
The most stressful part for me were the photo essays. It sounds really easy to take 10 photos and upload them to the blog but it was also difficult to come up with a topic which was good enough, I am overcoming this problem and soon there will be a photo essay on the blog into which I will have put a lot of effort.
I would like to recommend Media class to other students because it really doesn’t feel like a class and more like a job. The assignments are completely different than what you might generally receive and that’s a good thing because you get a newer perspective on how things might be done in the real world.