Friday, May 15, 2015

A year with the KISMET Media team

Joining Media 1 was an easy decision for me because I was exposed to it the year before. Last year, I had the chance to do the announcements while a member of the Media team, Radia Miqdadi was away. Eventually, it became a routine and when Radia finally left the school, it became a full time position.
 When enrolling in the class this year, I had a lot more responsibilities to handle than just the announcements, there were plays, sports and other after school activities along with events which needed to be filmed or photographed. There were also other duties we had to get done such as editing videos, creating radio shows, broadcasting basketball games and collecting as much media as we could of the school to construct a final documentary.
Even though this may sound like a lot of work, it was worth it in the end because it gave each member a sense of accomplishment and that reward was pretty good on its own. The assignment which I am the most proud of probably has to be the video I made on the MS science fair, planning it took a great amount of time as not a lot of people were present to help me with the camera work but it all worked out in the end. The real challenge in it was the editing process, figuring out which parts were redundant, what kind of music would suit the theme and what techniques I should use to make the video as interesting as possible.
The assignments which I had the most fun with were the audio editing ones. Using audacity was a breeze for me as everything in it seemed logical and eventually I would even volunteer to help people with their radio shows. Since we can’t directly upload audio to the blog, we would put them into blank YouTube videos and link them but I came up with a solution to upload them to Soundcloud and then link them, overall the aesthetics on the blog were improved by using Soundcloud instead.
The most stressful part for me were the photo essays. It sounds really easy to take 10 photos and upload them to the blog but it was also difficult to come up with a topic which was good enough, I am overcoming this problem and soon there will be a photo essay on the blog into which I will have put a lot of effort.
I would like to recommend Media class to other students because it really doesn’t feel like a class and more like a job. The assignments are completely different than what you might generally receive and that’s a good thing because you get a newer perspective on how things might be done in the real world. 

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Bob Hume said...

Well written, and well said, Vaibhav. Your work this year has been fantastic. You've really found your groove and your voice. Have a great summer, and best of luck next year.