Thursday, May 21, 2015

Traveling to College

When students get to the end of their Highschool years, hype is one of the many things that can be stuck in their hearts and minds. Others can be nervous and stressed out about their upcoming College lives and for understandable reasons. What exactly do you imagine about your College life? It is all up to the students to imagine because nobody can tell the future, but one of the things, that all students ought to prepare for is college interviews where the colleges discuss and decide if your ready and capable. I personally had a few college interview myself, but much bigger part of that section in life was all the traveling to those colleges. By the time I got to my third College interview which is now successful, I decided I’ve seen too much planes and hotel rooms.
It definitely paid off since I have been accepted at the Fife College in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. All students who will travel to other countries for the College/University life, must be ready for those kinds of views.

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