Tuesday, November 24, 2015

HS Speech and Debate CEESA Interview

During the High School CEESA Speech and Debate in Helsinki Finland, I conducted interviews with our team. We all enjoyed the tournament are looking forward to next year's CEESA.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hey, my name is Nastya Kershaw and I recently joined the Media I team, which I'm very exited about by the way. I hope my future posts will not only be a source of entertainment, but also of current events in our school.

Here is a link to the 9 YO interviews our team has recently conducted:

3 Year Old Interview

Hello KIS! I am Samuel Teleki and this is an interview segment from the 3 year old class conducted on October 15. This interview was supposed to be an interview used by yearbook, but no one could have predicted the awesome answers we got. Enjoy!

6 Year Old Interviews

Before the fall break the Media 1 class conducted interviews with preschool and elementary students. The following audio files are cropped versions of the 6K and 6S classroom interviews. As a new member of the Media 1 class I was happy to conduct some of the interviews and learn new skills. I hope you enjoy the following interviews!

Interview 8H

Hey guys ! I am William from the Media I class. Nastya and Sam recently interviewed 8-year-olds about their favorite ancient greek god. Here is a minute long audio file which has the best moments of the interview!