Friday, February 26, 2016

Yearbook Advertisement

This is a quick advertisement for the 2016 yearbook. There are ten very important reasons why everyone should get a yearbook. Enjoy!

KIS Life In A Day Media Team Interview

The Media team is creating KIS Life In A Day. This is an interview of the media team. All information on KIS Life In A Day can be found in the file. Enjoy!

Our Blog's Humble Beginnings

Over three years ago on September 7, 2012 KISMET Online’s first blog was posted by Anastasiya Zamula. A lot has changed since that, our community has become greater, new facilities had been added to the campus and new faces poke around from every corner of the school. Zamula (class of 2013) titled her first entry as “New Beginnings” as a flashback to her own and many other students’ constant change of schools. She herself “came back to KIS after a year of studying in a different school,” to her amazement in just one year, “much [of] the community of our school has changed.” But this is the highlight of our school; this is what makes our school so great and diverse. Her entry focused on three distinct stages of the KIS community: Elementary, Middle School and Secondary. She interview two students from each group and here is what they had to say about their transition from one group to another.

Robert, 6 y.o. Class:
Interviewer: How do you like classes so far? 

Robert: They are hard, but I am doing all the work. I like going outside with my friends.

Sarnika, 6 y.o. Class:

Interviewer: Is it difficult to study in elementary school and what is good about being in school? 

Sarnika : It’s easy, classes are not so hard, and I like teacher and that they bring us on the bus to see real animals, like spiders in cages.

Iilya, 11 y.o Class:

Interviewer: How do you feel about your recent transition to Middle School? 

Iilya: I thought it would be harder, but it’s really not. The teachers are good; they give us easier stuff at the beginning, so we could have some fun being in middle school. We got more freedom, it’s awesome. 

Interviewer: Freedom is great, but how are you going to keep up with all the work?

Iilya: Teachers are helping me a lot. They are emailing me stuff, and I can ask if I don’t get something.

Alex, 11y.o. Class:

Interviewer: How do you like school so far?

Alex: Maybe there is more homework, but you get used to it. The teachers are better, and I like it more than elementary. I like to be treated as an adult.

Bryan, Secondary I:

Interviewer: How is this year different from last year?

Bryan: Well, first of all, lockers are bigger. There are new faces. I find high school much harder, especially reading and writing. I like new containers as well.

Polina, Secondary I:

Interviewer: How do you like high school?

Polina: Yeah, it’s good. I like the lockers. More studying than in middle school, but I expected that. I would like longer breaks between classes, but otherwise it’s all good.

I hope that our KIS community will continue to grow and that our diversity will only bring us closer. And of course for does that a transitioning from school to school or just from Middle School to High School, I hope that everyone will stay positive and continue their hard work in the academics and extracurricular. 

Our Teacher's Desks

This is a short presentation of a few of our teacher's desks. With the desks I would like to show the diversity in our school. And how the organization of a desks can showcase one's personality.

This is the Reception's desk. If you haven't seen this desks I highly recommend that you do. Notice how much notes are glued at the computer screens, showing how much really happens at KIS.

This desk is found in Ms. Notaro's room in the Secondary. Even though the desk space is limited, we can see how hard students have worked by the amount of paperwork.

Mr. Brinker's desk in the Secondary has to be given some credit too. It is one of the neatest desks in the whole school. Good job Mr. Brinker!

Mr. Conover's desks is one of the few that has been stylized by his immense creativity. Mr. Conover is also one of the few teachers that insisted in posing with his very own desk.

Mr. Semeniuk's desk is also shared by Mrs. Kilby during 8th period. The hearts are left behind by the Kozak basketball players as they pranked the coach on Valentines Day.

Ms. Chemeris is always working diligently on her student's work. I sincerely hope people got those math equations right!

Finally, we have Mr. Hume's desk. This desk is probably the second most viewed desk after the reception due to Mr. Hume active role in the community.

Probably least likely to be seen desk. This desk is occupied by a teacher once a day for one class. If you can guess where this desk is found please comment below! Hint: This teacher teaches in the Secondary.

Finally. we have two EXTRA desks. These desks are found in the Media HQs. One is a MAC and the other is a PC and both of these computers are heavily in use to distributed KISMET material. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What goes on in the booth before a game?

It’s 3:55, the action is about to start, so many things to worry about, so many things to check and do. Camera is almost setup, the live stream is about to start and go!

“Hello everyone, this is Filip Zapeca and Vincent Ouimet"

Broadcasting a High School game can sometimes be really stressful. It definitely is in the 5 minutes before the game is about to start and especially if you want it as professional as possible. Sometimes when nothing is working the way expect you just really want to take the computer and throw it out the window onto the basketball court. To understand more in depth what happens in the booth, here is a quick overview since the time of the final school bell and the game at 4 o’clock.

At first, the bell rings and 3:35 and the most important thing in this very moment, is to get food. One runs over to the snack bar as fast as possible before the people start piling up and a line starts to form. One tries to get as much food as possible for 50 UAH and attempt to be out of there by 3:42. 

Once the food is purchased, it is time to head over to the booth and if everything goes well the planned arrival is at 3:45. 

Once in the booth, the first five minutes are spent on turning on the computer, the camera, the monitor, and all the necessary software.

The game is about to start and in the final 5 minutes before the pre-game all the checkups have to take place. The microphone has to be checked for sound levels, the web camera for functionality, the game camera for rotation and if the live stream can run smoothly.

There is still about 5 minutes left before the game, and in those 5 minutes is when everything should start but everything starts to fail. One must ensure that the proper graphic has been added and it is not the old one from last game. The microphone doesn’t work, oh no, what are we going to do? The most important thing to do is “go slow, breath, and smile” (Mr. Conover) then unplug the microphone and replug it back in. One repeats the same step for whoever else isn’t working.

Next, there is only about 2 minutes left and it is time to start the broadcast. You make sure that the broadcast is switched to the web camera and that you hit the big red “Start Broadcast” button. Once that is done, if everything goes according to schedule, one should have 1 minute left and that is the time to introduce the game. Introduce the game, introduce yourselves, and introduce the lineup. 

The game is now starting, one must ensure that the camera is switched to ‘Scene 1’ which is the game camera and the commentary and video has now started!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tense Game Interview

Hey everyone,

There was a pretty tense game last night and so I grabbed some interviews after the game, here's a short audio file!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Chips - Short Film

Here is a short film that I worked on to see if it is possible to shoot, edit and publish a short film just using an iPhone and I found out it is, here is the result.