Friday, February 26, 2016

Our Teacher's Desks

This is a short presentation of a few of our teacher's desks. With the desks I would like to show the diversity in our school. And how the organization of a desks can showcase one's personality.

This is the Reception's desk. If you haven't seen this desks I highly recommend that you do. Notice how much notes are glued at the computer screens, showing how much really happens at KIS.

This desk is found in Ms. Notaro's room in the Secondary. Even though the desk space is limited, we can see how hard students have worked by the amount of paperwork.

Mr. Brinker's desk in the Secondary has to be given some credit too. It is one of the neatest desks in the whole school. Good job Mr. Brinker!

Mr. Conover's desks is one of the few that has been stylized by his immense creativity. Mr. Conover is also one of the few teachers that insisted in posing with his very own desk.

Mr. Semeniuk's desk is also shared by Mrs. Kilby during 8th period. The hearts are left behind by the Kozak basketball players as they pranked the coach on Valentines Day.

Ms. Chemeris is always working diligently on her student's work. I sincerely hope people got those math equations right!

Finally, we have Mr. Hume's desk. This desk is probably the second most viewed desk after the reception due to Mr. Hume active role in the community.

Probably least likely to be seen desk. This desk is occupied by a teacher once a day for one class. If you can guess where this desk is found please comment below! Hint: This teacher teaches in the Secondary.

Finally. we have two EXTRA desks. These desks are found in the Media HQs. One is a MAC and the other is a PC and both of these computers are heavily in use to distributed KISMET material. 

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